Wood Bead Easter Bunnies

Need a cute, easy versatile Easter craft?

Today I’m going to show you how to make wood bead Easter bunnies! They are quick and fun to make and you only need a few supplies, but there are so many fun things you can do with them. I used my wood bead bunnies as napkin rings and as candy jar toppers, but let your creativity soar and I’m sure you can think of a dozen clever ways to use them

To make wood bead bunnies, you will need the following (the highlighted items are with my Amazon Partner links):



Step 1: Place a dab of hot glue on the flat bottom of the smaller bead, then glue it to the top of the larger wood bead. This forms the bunny’s head.

Step 2: Cut the wood bow tie piece in half with sharp scissors. Attach the two pieces to the back of the smaller wooden bead. This forms the bunny’s ears.

For Napkin Rings: Use hot glue to attach a ring to the back of the bunny at the neck joint.

For Candy Jars: Use hot glue to attach the wooden bunny to the top center of the candy jar lid.

You can leave the bunnies raw wood or paint them. Totally depends on your personal preference, but I couldn’t resist showing you how cute they look painted.

Gah! The little heart nose is my fave! I just used acrylic craft paint, a tiny paint brush for the details and a little pink flower I found in my craft stash. And now I can’t decide… which one do you like better?

Check out the Easter section at Hobby Lobby for all of the goodies Jennifer shows in the photos and video. They have so many cute things for spring!

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