Thanksgiving Table Ideas

As the leaves turn brilliant shades of red and gold and the crisp autumn air sets in, it’s time to gather with loved ones and celebrate the season of gratitude. Thanksgiving, a cherished holiday that brings families and friends together, offers the perfect opportunity to adorn your table with warmth, creativity, and a dash of elegance. This year, elevate your Thanksgiving feast to a whole new level with captivating table decor that reflects the spirit of the season.

Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a grand feast, we have curated a collection of inspiring ideas to help you set the stage for a memorable Thanksgiving celebration.

From rustic centerpieces to elegant place settings, let’s explore how you can transform your table into a visual feast that complements the delectable dishes and the joyous spirit of gratitude.

Idea #1

Apple & Cinnamon Stick Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece 

Apple and Cinnamon Stick Centerpiece in a wooden bread bowl. Get inspired by this large list of Thanksgiving table settings and Thanksgiving decorations for the table. From Thanksgiving centerpieces, dinner table setting ideas, kids tables, and more.
For your bottom piece you could use a 2×4 or 1×2 raw or stained/painted. Find the things you have at home.
Apples, cinnamon sticks you can pick up at the market. For the leaves use what you have at home, lemon or orange would be fragrant.

Idea #2

DIY Dollar Store Thanksgiving Table Decorations (Kid’s table decor too!)

You can easily find inexpensive Thanksgiving decorations at the dollar store, Target’s One Spot or by using items that you already have lying around your home.
There are also tons of free printables available online for Thanksgiving tablescapes. Here are 30+ DIY and Dollar Store Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Idea #3

Pumpkin Pom-Pom Thanksgiving Name Cards

Holidays are better with a little bit of yarn. Yarn Pom-Poms are one of my favorite yarn projects to make. I’ve used them for garlands, to make flowers, for gift wrapping, and now they are front and center on my Thanksgiving table.

For the directions visit Julie Measures


Idea #4

Fill a container with stuff

You can use any glass container; a vase, a mason jar or even an empty salsa jar will work. Simply add beans or acorns or pinecones or walnuts (in the shell or any other shelled nut would work) or mini pumpkins into it. Add an electric candle or even some fall blooms.


Idea #5


A quick way to decorate any table for Thanksgiving is to use the cute mini pumpkins with a garland or fairy lights.

You can even add some tea lights in between. Be sure they are unscented, around food you do not want scented candles.

Idea #6

Craft Paper 

This is a great way to decorate your table for Thanksgiving that can be interactive.

Roll out a piece of kraft paper and write on it, perhaps draw some leaves or pumpkins on it.

Then leave a few markers on the table for your guests to write what they are thankful for.


Share your favorite way to decorate below.

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