Southern vs Western Life

Coming South after living in Southern California over 48 years was a culture shock. The first week here was like we had moved to a foreign country, seriously. A much slower pace to life… In California we were so used to the hurry and rush to get somewhere. You went to restaurants and they rushed […]

Experiencing 4 Seasons

I’ve always wanted the 4 seasons… As long as I can remember I wanted to live somewhere there was the 4 seasons; winter, spring, summer & fall. In California it was either extremely hot & dry or cold & dry. Rain storms in California was like a spit on the car. I found the 4 […]

Becoming a Southerner

Who would have thought this Native Southern California gal would end up down south? And not just south, but south east! At 48 years young, my husband got an offer to transfer from California to South Carolina. He came home one day from work and said, “Hey you want to move to South Carolina?” I […]