Six Hours One Friday

Six Hours One Friday ~ Living the Power of the Cross Today’s inspiration comes from: Six Hours One Friday by Max Lucado He was uneasy. He had been since noon. It wasn’t the deaths that troubled him. The centurion was no stranger to finality. Over the years he’d grown callous to the screams of the […]

Bunny Ears Headband

Easter Time: Bunny Ears Headband Make your daughter the perfect Easter Sunday accessory: floral bunny ears! If you want to cover the headband with ribbon, attach one end of the ribbon to the bottom of the headband with hot glue and wrap the headband until it’s completely covered, adding small dots of hot glue as […]

Cross Stitch Easter Eggs

Easy Cross Stitch Easter Eggs Add these cross stitch eggs to your Easter scavenger hunt! All you need are white eggs, a cross stitch template, an ‘X’ stamp, stamp pads in multiple colors, or multiple color Sharpies. You can download a template here for a couple of designs, or create your own! Supplies: Fine tip […]

Beaded Carrot Decoration

Beaded Carrot Decoration Looking for an Easter craft to deck out your front door or your tabletop? The Easter bunny will love this beaded carrot wreath. These are simple to make and you can place them all around your home for that small touch of spring. Supplies: Wood beads in four different sizes (the largest […]

Easter Egg Topiary Tree

Easter Egg Topiary Tree These Easter egg topiary trees have a picture-perfect, cool-toned color palette thanks to Robin egg blues and mossy greens. Your handmade centerpieces are sure to leave your guests thoroughly impressed! I found this over on Sand And Sisal. Spring has officially arrived and I am so happy to say, “So long!” […]

Wood Bead Easter Bunnies

Wood Bead Easter Bunnies Need a cute, easy versatile Easter craft? Today I’m going to show you how to make wood bead Easter bunnies! They are quick and fun to make and you only need a few supplies, but there are so many fun things you can do with them. I used my wood bead […]

Passion Week

love, cross, thorns-699480.jpg

As we reflect this week on the last steps of Jesus on earth, we need to remember why all of the events occurred…so that we can be forgiven. There was a purpose and a plan that God put into place for this holy week, this week where we see the passion of Christ played out […]

Easter Chick Painted Rocks

Look at these totally cute Painted Rock Chicks for Spring and Easter. You can put them in Easter baskets or leave them for others to find on their painted rock hunt. Craft Supplies Needed: Smooth rocks, round or oval Acrylic Paint: Yellow, orange, white, black & pink Fine point marker (Sharpie works great) If placing […]