Spring Crafts - To Brighten Your Home Part 2

I found so many ideas I had to create a second post! What’s your favorite one?

Celebrate the arrival of warmer weather by choosing a few of these fun spring craft ideas to add to your home.

Use them to decorate your home or even gift them out, Mother’s Day is coming soon 😉

Colander Planter

Forget flower pots! Turn your favorite flowers into this easy DIY display.

  • Wrap one colander handle tightly with a half-yard of twine, pushing pieces together as you go to avoid gaps.
  • Once covered, tie off and add a dab of glue to secure.
  • Knot a yard of twine at each end of the handle.
  • Repeat entire process with opposite handle.
  • Next, line the colander with sheet moss and fill with potting soil and seasonal plants. The example here is pansies and ferns.
  • Tie four lengths of twine together and hang.


When you water the extra will drain out.

Spring Boot Door Decoration

  • Install a metal grommet on the back of each rain boot.
  • Loop a piece of burlap ribbon through grommets.
  • Place a 3-inch-wide cylindrical vase in both boot heels; stabilize with tissue paper if needed.
  • Fill vase with water and seasonal blooms. (here is mix of hydrangeas and daisies.)
  • Tie ends of ribbon together and hang on a nail or wreath hanger.

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Repurpose the classic Mason jar as a soap or lotion dispenser in your bathroom.

STEP 1: First, measure and mark the center of the jar’s lid.

STEP 2: Using a 1/2″ high-speed steel drill bit (about $10; local hardware store), drill a hole to fit the width of a soap dispenser pump. We used pumps from old lotion bottles.

STEP 3: Fill the jar with liquid soap, screw the lid back on, and insert the pump. You may need to trim the bottom of the pump to fit your jar.

Patio Pavers

Jazz up your backyard by turning plain cement steps into these brightly patterned patio pavers.

To brighten up a plain concrete patio stone ($1.61; 12″ square; lowes.com),

  • first brush away any debris.
  • Then, mark the centers of the stone and your stencil (Modern Masters Endless Circles stencil, $31.95; royaldesignstudio.com).
  • Position the stencil over the stone, aligning the center marks.
  • Use masking tape to block off two flowers on both the right and bottom edges of the stencil to make the pattern symmetrical.
  • While holding the stencil in place, dip a ½-inch-wide stencil brush into Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and pounce the brush straight up and down to apply the paint (brush, $5.75; paint, Greek Blue, $11.95 for 4 oz.; royaldesignstudio.com).
  • When you’re done, remove the stencil. That’s it—no sealer necessary!
  • Repeat on additional stones to extend your path.

Crafty Garland

If you’re like me, you have a big box of various thread spools. Some you have never used and some you used once 10 years ago.

This is a cute way to use them to decorate your home. Beaded garlands are popular, so add a flair to yours!

Thread spools of varying sizes and hues (interspersed with colorful wooden beads) on a long piece of embroidery thread. Knot the ends and make sure it’s secure. This craft is perfect for decorating any space that needs a pop of color.

Crocheted Tea Towels

Ready-made edgings and borders, available by the yard at fabric stores or adapted from flea-market finds, make it easy to transform even the simplest home textiles into vintage-style home accessories. You can machine- or hand-stitch the filigree embellishments to almost any fabric surface—dish towels, bath towels, bedding, or attire—in an afternoon.

Trellis Headboard

I have 2 unused trellises in my garage I can use, if you don’t have them laying around you can purchase them from your local hardware store or make it (see below.)

Using 1-by-4-inch boards, construct a frame with desired height and width (ours measures 6 ½ feet tall and extends 1 inch beyond the mattress on each side). Have your hardware store cut a piece of garden lattice to fit within the frame and affix to back with finishing nails. Use a picture hanger to mount a small mirror three quarters of the way up the headboard. Paint assembled piece in desired color. For a tonal effect that adds depth without overpowering the space, choose two similar shades of one color.

Simple Centerpiece

This is a great idea for your Mother’s Day brunch or shower.

Insert the stems of flowers (here, ranunculus) into the tubes of assorted spools, and arrange them around your home. For longer-lasting blooms, add floral foam, which you can dampen with a straw.

Carrier Pigeon Place Cards

A carrier pigeon, clad in a vintage-postcard print—could there be a wittier way to convey your wedding’s pecking order?

We fell for the concept upon spying it in Clare Youngs’s Book Art. Then we simplified the process for you:

Just print our placecard art onto 8½” x 11″ card stock, cut out, and fold in half as directed.

To equip each pigeon with a message, write a guest’s name on a 5/16″ x 6″ strip of paper and curl the ends by wrapping them around a pencil.

Then loop the strip around the bird’s front leg before perching him atop a plate.

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