Coming South after living in Southern California over 48 years was a culture shock.

The first week here was like we had moved to a foreign country, seriously.

A much slower pace to life…

In California we were so used to the hurry and rush to get somewhere. You went to restaurants and they rushed to serve you and move you out quickly.

In South Carolina things flow differently. Folks are not rushing on the roads, for the most part. You have to plan a little extra for travel time here. And restaurants, oui, that was a tough one. It’s done slower, they do not rush to get you in and out. Even the drive thru at Dunkin Donuts is slow for coffee. Yes, we folks here do Dunkin Donuts for coffees not Starbucks. Or we do small coffee shops. There are short lines at Starbucks for those that feel having that cup in hand is a status symbol. 

We grow our own food…

In the area we built in, all of the neighbors grow produce of some kind and most have chickens. Down the street folks have cows, goats and llamas.

We have several full farms we can shop from. Most of the properties in our area are 1 acre or more. We sell our eggs to anyone who comes to the door. Some sell produce. 

Neighbors become family…

Our neighbors are friends, neighbors and extended family. They were here during my journey with cancer, jumping in just like family would have. Such a different environment to know neighbors and hang out with them. In California folks just did not have the time or interest in getting to know neighbors. 

No judgement…

I love the fact out here no one judges you based on how you look; too fat, to short, to tall, or anything else. Out here it’s about your heart. I was so used to folks in California judging me for my weight or the fact I did not tan.

Out here no one has EVER mentioned anything to me. Back in California mean peeps would yell from vehicles and make comments. Out here they love genuine folks no matter how they look, dress as long as you are a kind person.

South Carolina is my heart now!


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