Summer in the South…

Out here the summers are hot and sticky, basically no need for moisturizer if you step outside for a few minutes a day.

There’s nothing better than slowing down in the afternoon, head on out to the back porch with some tea, while you just stop and slow down. No noise or distractions with technology, just you and God’s beautiful nature.


I know it sounds wonderful.

However, when we first got here it was hard to put the noise on hold and just enjoy life.

To many of us allow the noise around us to distract and frazzle us, causing nothing but stress and frustration. 

Time for a change…

I learned the great value in taking these moments, daily.

Adding this practice of disconnecting from the noise and sitting outside is good for your mind, body, attitude and more.

Just a simple 10-15 minutes a day, you pick the time, and you will see your mindset change. Your body will be more relaxed and you will think clearer.

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