New Year's Eve Party Crackers

Party Crackers are a fun novelty for any holiday party.

Below are 2 ways to make them: 

  • Cutting them out of cardstock
  • Covering toilet paper rolls


Party crackers, or Christmas Crackers, are a table decorations that are filled with small treats and make a cracking sound when opened.

Homemade party crackers won’t crack when you open them, unless you add cap gun strips to them.

It’s really easy to make Christmas Crackers, you can download a template here.

  • Template (or you can use toilet paper rolls)
  • Card Stock
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Small treats or candy


  • Print and cut out the crackers
  • Roll the paper into a tube and insert the tabs into the slots
  • Tie one end close. Then fill the tube with candy & treats
  • Finally, tie the other end of the party cracker.

For New Years Crackers you could use any of the ideas on the right plus:

  • Party blowouts
  • Party poppers
  • Noisemakers
  • Light up rings
  • ‘Lucky’ dice
  • Mini bottles of bubbles
  • Scratchies for the grown ups

OR If you use the toilet paper rolls:

First we make paper crowns to include in our crackers. To do this take 4 large sheets of tissue paper and unfold it onto a table top. Cut the entire pile in half lengthwise. Put one half aside and fold the other half back up, still stacked. Cut this section into three horizontal strips and finish the top of each piece with a pair of zig zag scissors, this will give you 12 paper crowns large enough to fit an adult-sized head. Stick a piece of double sided tape on the inside edge of each hat but leave the paper backing attached (i.e. don’t stick it into a hat shape), this makes an ‘adjustable’ paper crown that will fit any size of head. Fold the hats small enough to fit inside a cracker.

Once you have your jokes and novelties sorted you can begin making the crackers. Cut a stack of tissue paper into large rectangle shapes, big enough to be the under layer of the cracker. Then, using a contrasting colour, cut a stack of smaller rectangles and finish the edges with the zig-zag scissors. This is all done fairly quickly because you can cut all of the pieces at once.

To make each cracker stuff the tube with your chosen goodies plus a cracker snap and roll it up in the under layer of tissue paper. Twist the end and staple the snap in place to the tissue paper. Finish with the smaller piece of tissue paper in the contrasting colour and tie with a ribbon.


Happy New Years!

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