Mason Jar Snow Globes for Christmas.

I love the antique red trucks, I have them all over my home for Christmas!

This is a fun & easy craft that can be given as a gift or used to decorate your home for the holidays. (Honestly, not sure I’d give it away, LOL)

Craft Supplies Needed:

  • A Diecast 1:64 scale car/truck/bus/etc
  • 16 oz wide mouthed mason jar
  • Bottle brush trees
  • Faux snow
  • Jingle Bells (20 mm)
  • Twine or ribbon for the top & to tie the tree on top of the vehicle

How to Make a Snow Glob Mason Jar

  1. Cut the bottom plastic piece off bottle brush tree using wire cutters.
  2. If the windows on the vehicle do not open wrap the Baker’s twine around the car.  Started by taping the twine to the bottom of the car. Wrap the twine twice around the car to attach the tree.
  3. If the car you are using has open windows, then you can thread the twine through the two open windows like the images below.
  4. tie a knot to secure tree on top of car.
  5. Add some faux snow on the bottom of the mason jar.
  6. Add car with tree tied to top.
  7. Wrap some twine around the canning lid and tie on some jingle bells.
  8. And you’re done.

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5


Step 6


Step 7


Step 8


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