The Pear Light Bulb

Now is a good time to go around and check out all of your lights for burned out or dim light bulbs. Put in a fresh light bulb and use the old one to make this pear ornament.

Gather your supplies:

You’ll need:

  • white twine
  • cottage green milk paint
  • Glamour Dust glitter
  • Mod Podge decoupage – I used gloss finish
  • small paint brush
  • copper jewelry wire for hanging
  • small branch
  • book page leaf – see how to make one from here leaf wreath tutorial

Step One: Adhere Twine to Light Bulb

Apply a small amount of Mod Podge to the bottom of the light bulb. Leaving your twine in the spool, dip about an inch of the twine end into your Mod Podge. Now, start by winding that end into a small circle. Press this circle of twine onto the bottom of the light bulb that is coated with Mod Podge. From this point, you can just continue winding the twine around the light bulb.

As you go up the light bulb, brush on a little Mod Podge, wind, and then cover the newly wound twine with more Mod Podge.

You will find that it is easier to continue winding by placing the light bulb in a small pail or cup to free up your hands a little Once I wound the twine as far as I could go with it sitting in the pail upside down, I let it set until it was dry. Then, I flipped it over and continued winding.

Leave the very top metal part of the light bulb free from twine. This is where you will connect a stem with leaf.

Step Two: Create Stem & Leaf Attachment

While you let your decoupaged twine dry, begin working on the stem and leaf. I used a book page leaf which you can see how to make from by Fall leaf wreath tutorial.

For the stem, I simply broke off a section of a small birch branch at about an inch long. I cut the thicker end of the branch straight with a clipper. You could also use scissors or a razor knife.

To attach my book page leaf to the branch, I just brushed on a small amount of Mod Podge to the branch and also to the end point of the leaf. Then I pressed the leaf to the branch and let it set to dry. It will actually create a nice strong bond. I know this because after it was dry, I tried to peel the leaf off to reposition it and it wasn’t going to come off easily.

Step Three: Add Paint & Sparkle 

I debated leaving the twine pear neutral for a simple display. However, in the end I thought it would be more festive as a pear ornament with a touch of paint and glitter.

Since I wanted the color to have some slight variation like a natural pear, I used just a thin coat of milk paint. Milk paint is very thin and easy to work with on twine. I brushed it on thicker in some areas and lighter in others and it naturally gave it some dimension.

Again, I painted one half of the pear first and then the other half once the paint was dry. This just makes it less messy as you never have to hold, or place the pear in a cup, with the paint being wet.

While the paint was still wet, I sprinkled some Glamour Dust glitter to it so it would adhere to the paint once dry.

Step Four: Attach The Leaf & Branch

Now the pear ornament is ready for the leaf and branch attachment. Using hot glue, adhere to branch/leaf to the middle top of the light bulb.

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