Southern From The Heart Fall Crafting Box

πŸ‚ Introducing the Fall-Themed Crafting Box! 🍁

🍁 Embrace the Warmth of Autumn with Handcrafted Cards & Crafts! πŸ‚

Are you ready to dive into the cozy, colorful world of fall crafting?

Perhaps you are new to crafting and you don’t know the how or what yet.

Look no further!

Our Fall-Themed Crafting Box is here to inspire your creativity and spread seasonal joy. 🍁

Each box contains all the materials to create 7 cards (Fall & Birthday), a plant steak, a Fall Garland and a 3D Pumpkin Lantern.

All you supply is the glue, scissors and tweezers!


πŸ‚ Why Choose Our Fall-Themed Crafting Box! 🍁

✨ Craft with Purpose: Each card you create is a heartfelt gesture that warms the hearts of your loved ones. Craft meaningful greetings for Thanksgiving, Halloween, birthdays, and more!

✨ Everything You Need: We’ve curated a carefully selected assortment of high-quality crafting supplies. From festive papers and embellishments, we’ve got you covered.

✨ Easy-to-Follow Instructions: Whether you’re a crafting novice or a seasoned pro, our step-by-step guide will ensure your creations turn out beautifully.

✨ Endless Possibilities: Mix and match elements to design unique cards that express your style. Create traditional or whimsical cardsβ€”your imagination is the limit!

✨ Fall-Themed Surprises: In addition to crafting essentials, you’ll receive exclusive fall-themed goodies that will add a touch of magic to your creations.


πŸ‚ What's Inside The Fall-Themed Crafting Box! 🍁

πŸ‚ Assorted autumn-themed cards. Each card is packaged in it’s own celophane bag to keep all the pieces together

🍁 Decorative bows, and embellishments

πŸŽƒ A fall banner (It’s interchangeable for the seasons)

🧑 3D pumpkin lantern (so cute, no glue needed!)

πŸ“œ Step-by-Step Guide: Illustrated instructions to inspire your creativity and guide you through card-making techniques. Inside the box will be a sheet with a QR code for you to access the directions.

🍁 Limited Edition Fall Surprises! πŸ‚


🎁 The Perfect Gift for Crafters! 🎁

Looking for the ideal gift for a crafting enthusiast? Our Fall-Themed Crafting Box is a thoughtful choice that will bring joy and creativity to their autumn season.

🍁 Order Yours Today and Celebrate Fall in Style! 🍁

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create beautiful, handmade cards & gifts that capture the spirit of fall. Whether you’re crafting for friends and family or just for yourself, our Fall-Themed Crafting Box is your ticket to a season filled with warmth, gratitude, and creativity.

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πŸ‚ Embrace the beauty of autumn with every handmade card you create. πŸ‚

Note: Due to high demand, limited quantities are available. Secure your Fall-Themed Crafting Box today!

Note: Boxes will ship the week of October 30th.

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Pumpkin Lantern