I’ve always wanted the 4 seasons…

As long as I can remember I wanted to live somewhere there was the 4 seasons; winter, spring, summer & fall.

In California it was either extremely hot & dry or cold & dry.

Rain storms in California was like a spit on the car.

I found the 4 seasons!

South Carolina is so amazing. Everything is green and water flowing everywhere.

So different from California, where everything was brown and in a drought.

When we arrived it was May, so full on spring here.

Spring is beautiful here. Green trees, blooming flowers, white fluffy clouds and clean air.

We don’t have sprinklers in our yards as we get almost daily rain showers, almost like God is watering for us.

Summer Season…

Ah yes summer! Sweet Carolina summers.

We usually stay under 95, however the humidity. Let’s just say I don’t need to wear moisturizer!

We cool off with the almost daily thunder storms that pop up. It’s funny on the news they say nothing for today, then a full on down pour. Weather forcasters need to look out the window sometimes, LOL.

Yes we do have hurricane season here. Typically we end up with a tropical depression (AKA lot’s of rain and winds.) We have sirens if damage is coming our way. Pluse we know from June to October is hurrican season and we prepare.

Sweet peaches and lightening bugs!

Autumn/Fall Season…

The trees here are gorgeous!

We have a mix of pine trees and hard woods like maple, oak and dogwood.

We love to drive up to the Smokey Mountains and enjoy the fall colors from there. 

The temps are cool with beautiful evenings.

Fire pits for s’mores and friends.

Rocking chairs on the back porch.

Winter Season…

I always say the trees are dead this time of year, our hard woods. My husband always corrects me to say they are sleeping.

We can get snow, if we do the area shuts down. We don’t have the heavy snow plows and such. Our snow is usually less than 10 inches all season.

We do get cold, some nights we are in the teens! However that’s what our fireplace is for.

I love South Carolina…

Moving here from California is one of the best decisions we made some 10 years ago!

I love my community here and I love my state.

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