Easy Cross Stitch Easter Eggs

Add these cross stitch eggs to your Easter scavenger hunt!

All you need are white eggs, a cross stitch template, an ‘X’ stamp, stamp pads in multiple colors, or multiple color Sharpies.

You can download a template here for a couple of designs, or create your own!


  • Fine tip Sharpies
  • X rubber stamp (optional)
  • Multi Colored stamp pads (optional)
  • Template


  1. Hard boil your eggs and let them cool down.
  2. Following the simple cross stitch template, use an X stamp and whatever color ink you want to stamp each pattern. Or create the “x’s” with different colored Sharpies.
  3. Let the ink dry completely.
  4. Add definition with lines, using your Sharpie to add details to the shapes.

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