Create a Crepe Paper Leaf Garland!

It’s time to welcome in fall.

Fall is my favorite time of the year!  

I’ve always wanted to create a fall leaf garland, just the thought of them crumbling as they dry out more and the mess, I just never have done one.

I found this crepe paper garland on The House That Lars Built and thought you might enjoy it too!

The perks to having paper fall leaves? No bugs or dirt!


  • crepe paper in your choice of colors (we used 8 colors) We used brown, brown suede, metallic gold, chartreuse, gold, yellow orange, orange, magenta
  • scissors
  • leaf template *
  • floral wire
  • wire cutters
  • glue gun

*Note: Their template is $3.50 or you can download a similar one free here.


  1. Print off the leaf template
  2. Cut 6 leaves out of each crepe paper colorwith the grain going vertically
  3. Cut out a piece of wire for each leaf, leaving about 4″ beyond the leaf
  4. Glue a piece of wire to the back of each leaf
  5. Start with one leaf and add on another leaf slightly below the first one. Twist the two pieces of wire around each other.
  6. Continue down with each additional leaf using three of each color.
  7. Once you finish with the three per color on one side, mirror on the other side with the additional three colors and reverse the direction of the colors.

Watch the video to the right to see how it was done!

Crepe Paper Leaves Garland
Crepe Paper Leaves Garland
Play Video about Crepe Paper Leaves Garland

Be sure to share your finished product on our Facebook Page.

Now imagine doing one for Christmas too! Perhaps with holly leaves and little berries! Here’s a template for the Holly Leaves for you.

Then use various shades of green crepe paper. For the berries you could use pom poms or even crepe paper wadded into little balls. I think I’d use the pom poms in red for mine!

Let me know if you make a Christmas one.

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