Conversation Heart Coasters

I am SO excited about today’s DIY because after a bit of trial and error, the idea that was in my head actually worked! And I only finished one bag of candy while experimenting, so I’ll call that a craft win. If you’re throwing a party for Galentine’s Day or just want to add a little love and whimsy to your coffee table throughout the year, I hope that you’ll give these DIY Conversation Heart Coasters from The Crafted Life a try!

Here’s how:


– Wooden hearts
– Paint
– Brush
– Stickers
– Sealant

If you’re looking for coasters large enough for big mugs, you’ll want to get bigger hearts. The size linked (3.5″) were perfect for champagne glasses.

1. Paint your hearts a solid color, ideally a light shade of pink or white. I tried this tutorial originally with red as the base and it was too hard to cover up later. Let dry fully.

2. Add your phrases with stickers! Run your fingernail over top of them to make sure all the edges are secure.

3. Paint again with the top color (this will be the final color of your heart). You just want to be sure the two colors contrast enough so you can read the words. Let dry and then remove the stickers.

4. Seal! You can also take this time to add felt to the bottoms of the heart if you’d like that extra detail.

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