Candy Heart Bouquet

Candy Heart Valentine Bouquet! Roses and conversation hearts inside of a vase… Adorable! With this quick little trick, you can create a rose bouquet surrounded by conversation hearts. The roses are in the water, which makes this the perfect DIY bouquet for Valentine’s Day.

I got the two glass vases for just a few dollars at my local craft store. They usually have a lot to choose from, so I mixed and matched the sizes until I found two that were perfect for this project.


  • 1 larger vase
  • 1 smaller vase (make sure it fits inside the larger vase)
  • 2 bags of candy hearts or “conversation hearts”
  • pink ribbon
  • water
  • flowers
  • scissors

Be sure to cut your flowers down to size so that they are just above the candy. That way, any evidence of the smaller vase inside will go unseen (we’re so sneaky!).

Place the smaller vase inside the larger one. Pour candy hearts around the smaller vase. Once full, fill the smaller vase with water. Place fresh roses inside the hidden water-filled vase.

Finish each candy heart bouquet with a pretty bow. Attach the bow using double-sided tape, if needed.

Project Variation:

You can use silk flowers instead if you want it to last longer.


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