Who would have thought this Native Southern California gal would end up down south? And not just south, but south east!

At 48 years young, my husband got an offer to transfer from California to South Carolina.

He came home one day from work and said, “Hey you want to move to South Carolina?”

I thought he was kidding around, so I said sure why not, when do we leave? Well long story short, we were given 2 weeks to be settled in here in South Carolina. Ah, you may be thinking no big deal, right. WRONG! During that first week my husband was flown out here to South Carolina to meet everyone at the distribution center he was transferring to, while I managed my business, 5 dogs and packing the house.

So we began getting ready to head south east.

We flew my brother and his son out to help me pack while hubby was on the other end of the country.

Moving day, we hired some help to pack the moving truck and vehicles. Whatever didn’t fit stayed behind. There were no multiple trips back to the house for anything we forgot.

We then began the week long journey of driving across the country with a moving truck, 3 vehicles and 5 dogs.

Hubby was in the lead with the moving truck, using a Garmin to guide the way (that’s a whole other story), and each vehicle had a walkie talkie so we new what was next. I drove a Suburban with all the dogs and my brother drove Greg’s truck towing my car. That’s one heck of a drive!

When we hit Oklahoma, I was craving some fresh produce. Heck I’m in farmland they have to have amazing produce.

Nope! Everything came from a can and overcooked. What? Not what I expected. We had to find a Red Lobster to get decent produce.

When we finally made South Carolina we started getting excited, almost home!

Coming from California to South Carolina
is like moving to a new country, seriously!

Folks were saying good morning and helping at the market, smiling and laughing. Folks holding doors open, asking if they can help. We were so used to the hustle and bustle in California it took us a bit to adjust. Life here is far more laid back.

I love this move we made in 2015 to live down south. Life moves slower, the air is cleaner, everything is green, we get 4 seasons (yes, even some snow), cost of living is about 1/5th what it cost us out there and folks are just nicer. Southern hospitality is a real thing!

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