Americana Flag Bandana Wreath

Create a patriotic bandana wreath to celebrate the Fourth of July! This American Flag wreath is so simple and quick to make, even the kids can help! Featuring red, white, and blue bandanas tied to a wired floral wreath with glittering shooting stars for a 3D visual effect. The perfect decoration for your front door this summer!

This wreath is made with a flat wire floral wreath, which gives it a flatter look than a round foam wreath. This gives more dimension to the fabric of the bandanas. This also makes it more convenient to hang and store, and it takes up less space when it is time to put it into storage.

We also add glittering tin shooting stars on wire for a fun and festive 3D effect.

This American flag wreath can be made in about 30 minutes with no sewing required. Just tie a knot and you’re done! The glittering stars will need additional time to dry, but the rest of the wreath can be completed quickly.

This wreath is perfect for patriotic holidays like July 4th, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Flag Day. You’ll be able to use it for more than a month each year! Many people leave it on their front door all summer long!

So if you’re looking for a unique and patriotic bandana wreath, ours is the one for you!

I found this idea over at Busy Creating Memories.


Many of these items can be found at a local craft store, Walmart, Dollar store, Hobby Lobby, Joann Crafts, and Michaels. But if all else fails, I’ve included Amazon links for you to easily find what you need.

The links are for her affiliate on Amazon.


The first step is to remove all tags and packaging from the bandanas, wreath, and any other supplies you have gathered.

Lay out each bandana and fold it in half.

Cut each bandana in half along the fold (no need to measure).

Repeat for all bandanas

Take one of the red bandana halves and gather it together lengthwise, then fold it in half so that you have a loop at one end. Ensure that the jagged edge that you cut is folded inwards.

Place the bandana under the wire wreath with the center of the loop on the outside of the wreath.

Bring the 2 tail ends over the wreath and through the center loop end. Pull tight. You may need to tug a little but be sure to keep the ends even.

Continue this technique with each of the red and white bandanas, alternating colors as you go (red, white, red, white, etc) all the way around the wreath.

In the space remaining repeat the same bandana knot technique with all of the blue bandanas.

Evenly space each bandana around the wire floral wreath and fluff the fabric ends.

If you want the fabric to be stiffer, you can spray it with fabric stiffener. This will help it hold its shape. Many people like to do this, but it is not necessary. I have not sprayed mine and it has still looked nice after 7 years. Although, I had always lived in the desert up to this point. I’m about to display it in the Ozark humidity, I might need to add some fabric stiffener this year. We will see.

If you are looking for a simple patriotic bandana wreath you can stop here and have a beautiful summer wreath to hang on your front door. But if you want to really make it unique you can continue to add the 3D shooting stars.

Spray paint the mini metal stars with gloss white spray paint. Allow the paint to dry completely. If you find any stars that are already white, you can skip painting them.

Give each star a dusting with the Glitter Blast. Allow to dry.

Take the gauge wire and cut it to the length you desire.

I did different lengths for each star as I wanted some to be longer and some shorter for a nice 3D effect. But a good starting point would be approximately 10-12 inches long.

Attach one end to the back of the star with glue. Allow the hot glue to cool before moving.

Take a Sharpie pen, or your finger and curl the tail of the wire around. This gives the impression of the star shooting out of the flag.

Attach the end of the wire (not attached to the star) to the wire wreath in the blue bandana section of the wreath by wrapping it around the wreath and wrapping back onto itself a few wraps to keep it secure.

Do this to all the stars you want to include.

Adjust the wires to lay as you prefer. You can loosen some of the spirals to make them appear longer or tighten others to make them shorter. You can lay some closer to the wreath or pull some further away to create a larger 3D effect.

Fluff the blue bandanas back into place around the shooting star wires. And you are done!

Since we used a wire floral wreath frame, it does not require a hanging loop. It can be hung directly from a standard wreath hook. Now you can hang your wreath and enjoy!

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