Southern From The Heart.


I am so excited to have you stop by.

There’s so much to share about living in the South, almost like a whole new world sometimes.

I’ll be sharing all kinds of fun, inspiring and helpful things with you from crafts to cooking.

There is also a store on the site here. Please stop by the Shoppe and discover tasty treats, make it yourself kits and great gift ideas.

If there’s something you’d like to see, please send me a message and I’ll see what I can do.

Feel free to share me with your friends and comment on the posts.

For those wondering, yes I have redirected the site to here, hope you enjoy your visit here!

Enjoy your stay!



Let's Go Shopping!

Crafts & Cookies

Created just for you! Crafts you can do at home or already made. Including a monthly Crafty Box that will let you create really cute cards & gifts.

Delicious Recipes

Recipes you can cook from home, some healthy & some just yummy! You will find seasonal ideas and ideas for the holidays for you to enjoy.

Lifestyle Blogs

Here you can find blogs relating to lifestyle, musings and more. You never know what may come to my mind to write about!

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